DASO marks 45 years of service to the communities of Oxford County!

This year DASO turns 45! It’s a significant anniversary and worth acknowledging: since opening our doors in 1974, we’ve provided protection, prevention and possibilities to more than 17,000 women, children and adolescents in Oxford County impacted by domestic abuse and/or homelessness.

We continue to be proud of our service to the community and honoured to play a role in helping women, children and teens make the transition to happy and safer lives. We’re still committed to the important work we do and meeting the need for safe shelter, support and services. Sadly, that hasn’t changed in the past 45 years. In fact demand for our programs and services has never been higher and additional factors – such as limited affordable housing options – add to the challenges we face every day.

What has changed? Plenty! Aside from the agency’s location, facility, name, logo, services and program offerings – all in response to the changing needs of the community – laws have changed making domestic abuse/violence a crime. So have attitudes and convictions surrounding gender-based sexual and physical violence. They are still devastating social problems to be solved but the #MeToo movement demonstrates a significant step in the right direction.

And like most industries and sectors, a facet of life most of us now take for granted – computer technology – has changed and impacted shelters and other VAW services. There’s a downside to that: cyber stalking and harassment are among the “new” ways women are victimized.

But technology has benefited our mission and mandate in many ways by ensuring our message is heard and making it easier for women to contact us. Today, in addition to our crisis/information/support telephone line and website, we can be reached through email, Facebook and a dedicated text line.

We’ll continue to use the tools and technology for the benefit of our clients as well as to communicate with our donors, benefactors and supporters, an increasing number of whom prefer to receive information via electronic means.

Please take a moment to contact us (info@daso.ca or 519-539-7488 ext. 236) if you’d like to receive future newsletters and bulletins via email.

By subscribing to our email list you can elect to receive news/updates, and provide your feedback. We look forward to sharing and communicating with you as we continue to provide our essential services in Oxford County.