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Domestic Abuse Services Oxford
975 James Street,
Ontario N4S 0A5

Office/Administration: 519-539-7488

Domestic Abuse Services Oxford offers a range of programs and services aimed at promoting healthy, productive lifestyles free from fear and violence. Our 24-hour Crisis/Help Line, 519-539-4811 or toll-free 1-800-265-1938  (text 519-788-9993) is often the first point of contact for women who are in abusive relationships. The crisis line is also open to anyone needing advice or information about an issue involving domestic abuse.

All other calls:  519-539-7488  (fax: 519-502-2285)

Diane Harris, Executive Director
ext. 223; email Diane Harris

Jen Weicker, Residential Manager
ext. 222; email Jen Weicker

Anne Wismer, Business Manager
ext. 238; email Anne Wismer

Samantha White, Communications Manager
ext. 236; email Samantha White

One-on-one Counselling
519-539-7488 ext. 234

Transitional Resource Services
519-539-7488 ext. 224

Women’s Support Groups
519-539-7488 ext. 234

Family Support Program (Believe in Me)
519-539-7488 ext. 225

Intake Coordinator
519-539-7488 ext. 246

To make a donation
519-539-7488 ext. 236

To enquire about volunteering
519-539-7488 ext. 236

If you have a question and aren’t sure who to direct it to, please email info(at) and someone will be back to you as soon as possible.