Mother’s Day. It comes just once a year but most people would agree that one day is hardly enough to recognize and show appreciation for all the things mothers do the other 364 days of the year.

All mothers are special in their own unique ways. And those dealing with challenges are particularly inspiring. We see that every day at DASO. The women who come to us for help and hope have had to overcome fear, anxiety, pain, guilt and so much more. Those who have children are particularly vulnerable and conflicted. Their decision to access DASO’s services is due to a desire to stop the cycle of abuse for the sake of their kids. It is a good decision that will ultimately lead to healthier, happier lives but initially it is a scary first step and takes a tremendous amount of courage.

That is why we do what we do every day: offer protection, prevention and possibilities via our 24-hour safe shelter and our many vital programs and services. To our friends, donors and benefactors – thank you for your support of our work and your ongong assistance and kind compassion.

It is appropriate that Mother’s Day takes place in the spring – a season of hope and renewal. Whether you are a mother, have a mother and/or understand the powerful contribution of mothers (which pretty much covers everyone) have a safe and Happy Mother’s Day!